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Nothing is more important to us than to ensure safety and quality of all products and processes.

This is why we have always been proactively involved in taking concrete measures for the implementation of the SQF standard (level 2), the FSC code as well as the Kosher certifications. Our sustained efforts have made us leaders in the paper industry on the application of SQF to ensure a complete salubrity and sustainability chain.

In addition, all our food papers are made with ingredients that meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Just like it applies specific standards on food and food additives, the FDA has set a number of requirements on “indirect food additives” or any material entering in contact with food throughout its production process like the paper used in the food industry. It is essential for Nordic Paper to use products that are approved by the FDA CFR 21.176 (Substances for Use Only as Components of Paper and Paperboard) in all it’s food grade papers. Our technical team always make sure to stay up to date to the regulation and adjust the raw material to the new regulations.


The Safe Quality Food (SQF) program was created to ensure the quality, safety and salubrity of the food eaten by the public, and is recognized all over the world in the food industry, from small and large producers to food retailers. It applies throughout the food supply chain to ensure that the physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants in the final product are reduced to the maximum.

To enhance the impact of the paper manufacturer on the worldwide food safety chain, Nordic Paper has been proactive in getting the SQF certification. This made Nordic Paper a leader in the pulp and paper industry and one of the first mill to obtain this kind of certification.

The application of this code involved the creation of over 100 documents that are monitored and updated on a daily basis and the modification of our entire mill. The code includes over 255 points to conform.

FSC® C112757

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has defined a number of standards to help “take care of forests and the people, and wildlife who call them home”.

The FSC® C112757 label is applied to paper products sourced responsibly in compliance with the FSC’s environmental and social standards. All paper sold by Nordic Paper are manufactured with FSC controlled pulp. To the customer demand, it is possible to sell orders under FSC Chain of Custody (COC).

Pareve MK 310

Translated from Hebrew, Kosher means correct or proper. Food products that are certified Kosher complies with the dietery law of the Jewish community.

All ingredients and additives used in the manufacturing of food grade paper at Nordic Paper are certified Kosher.